Dr Disrespect claims CoD has no skill gap in Warzone 2: “It’s a coin flip” 

Dr Disrespect Warzone 2Activision / YT: DrDisrespect

YouTube streamer and mustache trailblazer Dr Disrespect has bashed Call of Duty as an “uninspiring” franchise after frustrations arose with Warzone 2.0’s lack of a skill gap.

Dr Disrespect’s acerbic commentaries and forthright opinions have cemented him a place in the streaming Hall of Fame, entertaining millions of fans in the process.

While he is not afraid to praise games if that’s what he feels is necessary, he has become a staunch critic of recent Call of Duty installments, despite once developing maps for Sledgehammer Games.

Specific criticism has focussed on Riot Shields and the game’s engine but, in a November 29 livestream, the Doc bashed the franchise as a whole and expressed frustration with its perceived failure to innovate.

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Dr Disrespect slams “uninspiring” Call of Duty franchise

Upon encountering an enemy in an Al-Mazrah building, the Doc was eliminated swiftly after being drop shotted by the foe, leading him into a rant regarding the series, its lack of skill gap and innovation.

“That all just came down to him having a better SMG,” he explained. “Dropshot, there’s nothing [I could do]. It’s just like hey how you doing let’s just look at each other and go, here we go! Flip a coin and you win! Good job, you win XP and nothing else. This game puts me in such a weird negative mindset.”

Timestamp: 4:47:20

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He continued: “It’s just such an uninspiring franchise. It’s like driving the same car and just repainting it every f**king year. Every year, every year it’s breaking down, just putting more miles on it. It just puts me in a negative mindset.”

It’s certainly an argument that will resonate with some, who argued there isn’t a justification for an annual release of $70 that changes relatively little from past iterations.

The Doc himself is making a video game, called DEADROP and developed by his Midnight Society studio. Given his issues with CoD, we can certainly hope that his title will have more in the way of a tangible skill gap and regular innovation.

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