Dr Disrespect calls for Warzone “overhaul” to fix DMR and MAC-10 meta

YouTube: DrDisrespect/Infinity Ward/Activision

The Warzone meta is being dominated by the MAC-10 and the DMR-14 with players making the weapons their default loadouts. Dr Disrespect has expressed his hatred for the current state of the game, labeling it as the “worst Warzone meta to date”.

Black Ops Cold War’s integration with Warzone brought a range of new features to the game on December 16. Perhaps the most anticipated aspect of the update was the addition of Cold War’s weapons to the title.

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At first, it was difficult to tell which of the new guns would have the biggest impact on the meta. However, players soon realized the MAC-10 and the DMR-14 were by far the most powerful of the new Cold War weapons.

Of course, this meant that every player began using either the MAC-10 or the DMR-14. This has led the meta to become extremely stale, with the majority of gunfights involving both of the weapons.

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Dr Disrespect slams the current Warzone meta

As for Dr Disrespect, the Two-Time isn’t particularly pleased about the current state of Warzone. The Doc has called for a complete “content overhaul” and labeled the MAC-10 meta as “boring”.

It’s typical of the Doc to call out things that aren’t quite his style in games, especially when it comes off the back of him dying or losing out on a win.

After being shot by a player using a MAC-10 during a recent game, the Doc expressed his honest opinion on the meta: “Have to be honest, this MAC-10 meta is f**king boring… I mean the gunfights are just so pathetic”.

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It’s hard to argue that being killed by the same weapon over and over again isn’t boring. Doc’s frustration even led him to tweet about the issue, voicing that the current state of the game is the “Worst Warzone meta to date”.
He followed this up with a jab about how boring he is finding the gameplay, stating he’d “rather watch Drone racing on ESPN 9”.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell how long the DMR and MAC-10 meta will last. It’s obvious the community is getting bored of facing the same weapons in every gunfight.
Tweets on the meta from huge personalities like Doc may speed up the process, but we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that changes will be made as soon as possible.