Dr Disrespect calls for self-revive to be removed from Warzone

Julian Young
Dr Disrespect playing Call of Duty Warzone on YouTube.
YouTube: Dr Disrespect

After Dr Disrespect and fellow Warzone streamer ZLaner suffered a close defeat to a team using self-revive kits, the popular content creator called for the item to be removed from the battle royale — with duos being the only potential exception.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone is the ability for players to grab unique loadouts and gear that fit their playstyle. One specific item that every veteran Warzone player wants to have in their inventory is a self-revive kit.

A well-timed self-revive can be the difference between winning or losing an intense game on Verdansk. However, for players on the other end of the stick — who might feel they’ve been robbed of a win they rightfully deserve — these powerful items can be downright annoying.

In a Duos vs. Trios stream on February 12, the “Two-Time” voiced his complaints about the self-revive mechanic after he and his teammate were robbed of a win by a team of players that used self-revive kits to sneak out a victory against the dynamic duo.

Dr Disrespect ZLaner Warzone Self Revive
YouTube / DrDisRespect
Dr Disrespect’s Warzone duo ZLaner found himself on the losing end of a self-revive, which spurred the Two-Time’s criticism of the mechanic.

After being eliminated by a player he thought had been killed, ZLaner confirmed he had fallen victim to a self-revived opponent. “They all have self[-revive], f**king every one of them,” the Facebook Gaming streamer remarked, then added on sarcastically: “It’s a great addition to the game.”

The Two-Time immediately picked up on ZLaner’s frustration, and agreed “Self-revive man . . . It’s just unbelievable.” After thinking for a moment, the Doc explained how he thinks these items should be handled in Warzone: “First off, I think they should take self-revive out of solos, number one.”

“Number two, out of all the modes I think they only keep them in duos. That’s the only one,” the Doc confirmed. He and ZLaner both agreed it would be nice to see self-revives removed from trios and quads as well, so duos appears to be the only playlist where the Doc thinks it might be worth keeping.

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Warzone’s self-revive mechanic has been present in the game since its release, and can even be found in other BRs like Apex Legends (although in Respawn’s title, obtaining a Gold Knockdown Shield is admittedly more difficult than simply picking up a self-revive at buy station in Warzone).

Dr Disrespect is far from the first streamer to voice his frustrations with allowing players to self-revive in a BR. In the Apex scene, content creator Shivam ‘ShivFPS’ Patel went viral when he blasted the self-revive mechanic in Apex for ruining the integrity of competitive tournaments. (The Gold Knockdown Shield has since been removed from Apex Legends Global Series tournaments.)

It remains to be seen whether or not Activision and Raven Software will change the self-revive mechanic in Warzone. They have faced their fair share of complaints from the game’s community regarding the item, so it’s quite possible players could see it tweaked in a future patch or update.