Dr Disrespect bemoans state of Warzone after wild hacking accusation

Dr Disrespect looking annoyed next to Warzone logoDr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect bemoaned the current state of Warzone after an angry player accused him of using hacks in a game on Caldera.

While Activision and Raven Software have attempted to curb the cheating epidemic in Warzone, hackers have repeatedly found ways to ruin the experience for Call of Duty fans.

Despite the integration of the Ricochet anti-cheat, which has banned hundreds of thousands of accounts, it’s still common to drop into a match and find yourself on the receiving end of an aimbot or god mode hacker.

Dr Disrespect has, repeatedly, bemoaned the rise of cheaters in the battle royale – constantly uninstalling Warzone as a result. However, even he has been subject to cheating accusations, and he equated it to the current state of the game.

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Dr Disrespect on the current state of Warzone

The Two-Time, who is a former Call of Duty developer himself, was running a few games on Caldera by himself when he encountered a player who he managed to get the jump on.

The Doc quickly turned and gunned down the unsuspecting player, and even trolled them as they tried to revive themself. As the Two-Time finally eliminated his downed foe, that quickly led to the player accusing the streamer of using cheats himself in some form.

“Damn, everyone thinks everyone hacks in this game, huh?” the Two-Time said as he fled the scene. “Like, that’s what this game has kind of turned into (everyone accusing each other of cheating.)”

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Timestamp of 15:50

While it’s not uncommon for streamers to be accused of cheating, many of them just aren’t. In the Doc’s case, he’s repeatedly disproven wild claims by recapping his thought process after picking up kills.

At the end of the day, cheating claims are going to run wild because some players can’t accept that they’ve, legitimately, been bested by somebody else but like the Two-Time, plenty would like to see that changed.