Dr Disrespect believes Pacific update is change that could finally save Warzone

Dr Disrespect next to Warzone Pacific map.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect is slowly changing his tune on Warzone again, recently admitting he is convinced the new Caldera map will be the change Raven Software needed to ship to save their Call of Duty battle royale.

It’s certainly been no secret Dr Disrespect has been less than thrilled with Warzone these past few months. The two-time may not have quit the game like other stars, but he’s mainly avoided the battle royale recently.

Warzone’s new update may have changed his mind though.

On December 9 ⁠— or even 24 hours earlier for Vanguard players ⁠— the flagship Call of Duty battle royale will herald in one of the biggest updates since its early 2020 release. On top of new guns, events, modes, and more, Warzone is finally getting a new map, tropical island Caldera.

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The swap has reinvigorated the two-time, who is now claiming the massive Pacific update could be the Raven Software change that finally saves Warzone.

Dr Disrespect streamingYouTube/Dr Disrespect
The Doc certainly hasn’t been kind to Warzone and its updates over the past year.

⁠Dr Disrespect has actually already played games in Caldera, despite the huge Warzone update not shipping live until Dec. 9. He was handed an exclusive look at the battle royale’s update in a closed preview, and it’s certainly got him excited in a way he hasn’t been for months.

There’s one big reason to be hopeful, he said: the map swap.

“Warzone is a fun battle royale,” the Doc admitted. “That’s right. The concept for Warzone, the way it’s designed, its flow, pacing, they’re all good. The core game design is addicting. The problem isn’t that… it’s that we’ve been playing the same map for two years now, and that’s made it horrible.”

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Dr Disrespect is certainly impressed with the tropical Caldera battleground so far, going so far as to claim it’s “dripping in heat,” and “really beautiful”. But even if it wasn’t, the YouTuber explained, its arrival would still be huge.

“We’ve been playing this same f**king map for two years. There’s no excitement or narrative left to enjoy. Getting a new map is a gamechanger.”

Warzone Caldera hutsActivision
The two-time can’t wait to get his boots on the ground in Warzone’s new map again.

Of course, the Doc notoriously changes his opinions like the wind, so it’s always worth waiting until he actually gets his hands on the Caldera update when it drops live later this week, but he’s certainly willing to give it a chance.

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“The design of the game, the feel of the game on this new map, I’m actually having fun!” the two-time admitted. “The map is beautiful, and I can see things again. Can I hear things? F**k no, but I can see things.”

The YouTuber also said he was excited to work his way through the new CoD Vanguard arsenal being added to the battle royale, and their “fifty million new attachments”. In particular, he singled out the Kar98k rifle, which he says is going to lead to “clip season” in his streams.

“We’re gonna be playing this new Warzone map every day. It’s going to be showtime material. You better buckle in! What a year we have ahead of us.”

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Related segment begins at 16:17 in the video below.

Whether or not Dr Disrespect sticks to his opinions on the Warzone Pacific update remains to be seen, but it’s a big pivot from the popular YouTuber who up until recently regularly declared he had “absolutely interest” in playing the Call of Duty battle royale during his streams.

That far back, however, he was already calling for a new Warzone map.

“Please, let’s get the hell out of the Verdansk map,” he declared. “I have no interest left, no enthusiasm. I’ve done it, seen it all, experienced it all in the game.”

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