Dr Disrespect backtracks on his Warzone 2 verdict: “It won’t last very long”

YouTube streamer Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect

Just days after Dr Disrespect praised the long-term potential of Warzone 2, the streaming star has predicted that the battle royale isn’t going to survive for long unless a key issue is addressed.

Warzone 2 is finally here, and millions of CoD fans from around the world are dropping in to experience Al Mazrah. As you’d expect, creators have also wasted no time in trying out the sequel and delivering their verdict.

One of the biggest names who has been streaming Warzone 2 daily is Dr Disrespect, who recently said he felt the game had potential and praised the new map design.

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However, just a few days later, the Two-Time claimed he is worried about Warzone 2’s future if the developers don’t look to fix one key issue.

Dr Disrespect was streaming playing with CouRage in preparation for the OpTic Texas 100k Warzone 2 event and, after a handful of quick deaths, mentioned that the low TTK has destroyed the skill gap.

“Dude there is literally no skill gap in this game, huh?” Doc said after being eliminated. CouRage responded by saying that this was the developers’ goal, and they wanted “anyone to kill anyone.”

Doc continued by pointing out that a low skill gap would hurt Warzone 2 going forward: “Yeah the game’s not going to last very long in my opinion.”

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Later in the same stream, the YouTuber star once again spoke about how easy it is to secure kills in the new game, and how Warzone 2 feels dumbed down compared to the original.

“It’s such a f*****g phony game, it’s literally built for fourth graders at this point,” he ranted after another death. “I’m just talking about this game in general right now – the way it’s tuned and there’s literally no skill gap.”

Doc even called for Treyarch to develop the next battle royale, building on their work on blackout in 2018, which was the CoD series’ first move into the space.

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“I guess my question is ‘when’s Treyarch back in the rotation?’ I want Blackout 2, I think it’s time we ditch Warzone. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. But let’s get Treyarch back in the ball game, holy s**t. Treyarch makes fun.”

Dr Disrespect isn’t the only big-name creator that’s criticized the skill gap in Warzone 2. However, only time will tell if Infinity Ward and the other developers decide to introduce some TTK changes in Season 1 Reloaded or beyond.