Dr DisRespect is loving Blackout on PC, wins first game with a sniper headshot

Treyarch / Dr DisRespect - Twitch

Major streamer Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm shared his thoughts on Call of Duty: Blackout’s PC iteration during a broadcast of the private access beta, where he expressed high praise for the title.

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He marveled at Blackout’s smoothness during his stream of the battle-royale game on the platform, saying that he felt like his rig was “paid off” because of the title.

“This feels so good,” he stated happily. “I mean, this is why we all have our 144-240 hz, 1080 T-I, top of the line mouse, keyboard gear, headset, audio, everything… it’s all built for a game like this, man.”

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The Doc went on to win his very first game, as well, taking out his enemy with a clean headshot via sniper-rifle. He celebrated his victory on the green-screen, giving a rousing speech to his audience in the virtual Gillette arena.

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“It’s really not a big deal when you’ve been doing it your entire life,” he said. “But I’ll tell you right now… it’s a big deal when it’s the first game.”

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Blackout’s early access beta for PC began September 14, alongside that of the Xbox One. The PC open beta is set to go live on Saturday, September 15, at 1 PM ET. The Beta will end in full for all platforms on September 17, at 1 PM ET.

With Drift0r’s recent comparison of the game’s graphics on PS4 vs the PS4 Pro, fans might be in for another examination of Blackout’s PC rendition, as well.

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Currently, the Doc’s platform of choice appears to be PC. With other major streamers like Ninja and Shroud also broadcasting the beta, fans can bet on a general consensus of the title’s performance by pros in the near future.

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