DMZ expert reveals easy way to earn skeleton keys in Season 3

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Skelton keys can be extremely difficult to craft in DMZ, but YouTuber Stodeh revealed an easy method to farm the elusive item.

Infinity Ward gave DMZ a massive overhaul in Season 3. The extraction shooter game mode received a barter system, allowing players to swap items they collected for other valuables. Workbenches introduced attachment swapping for contraband weapons, and operator slots enabled players to pick and choose what they bring into a match.

DMZ expert Stodeh highlighted an improvement that flew under the radar, which implements a highly-requested rework for Building 21.

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What changed with Building 21 in DMZ Season 3?

Stodeh expressed his frustrations with Building 21 and explained what changed. “Before Season 3, going to Building 21 was simply a place of misery to complete quests and die to crazy AI and players.”

“It still is that, but now they have quietly turned Building 21 into a goldmine.”

After Season 3, players always spawn with a large backpack, 3-plate vest, self-revive, and a five-attachment Fennec.

However, the YouTuber warned players that it will delete any bag variations they have equipped, such as secure and scavenger bags. Stodeh elaborated that the developers added more teams, making completing the Clean and Sweep Mission easier as they require nine enemy dog tags.

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“Most importantly,” Stodeh argued, “Building 21 is the easiest place to earn a skeleton key in DMZ.” Players must collect one video cassette record, vintage wine, an encrypted hard drive, or any combination of the three to craft a skeleton key. The controversial item allows users to open any locked door on any map.

Stodeh recommends players enter Building 21 with the free weapon and plates, quickly collect three hard drives, and craft a skeleton key without risking sacrificing any of their gear.

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Grenade launchers make earning skeleton keys anything but a cakewalk. Stodeh claimed, “It is the most overpowered weapon without a doubt and ruins the fun for everyone.”

If players are lucky enough to avoid grenade launchers, this method should serve as an easy way to farm useful keys in DMZ.

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