Day-one Warzone bug still ruining matches after silent patch

Warzone slide cancelingActivision

There have been tons of notable problems in Warzone over the years but few are as prevalent as the game’s day-one slide canceling bug. It was targeted in a pre-Caldera patch but now seems to have made its way back into the battle royale. 

If you’ve played Warzone at all in the last year or two then you likely know what slide canceling is all about. Used as the primary method of crossing the map, this three-button input resets a player’s ability to sprint, effectively making them twice as fast when covering big distances.

It can also be used to great effect in tight corridors where stopping your slide short of where an enemy expects you to be can throw off their aim.

While the mechanic is more popular than ever in 2022, using it in this way does come with some significant risk thanks to a long-time bug

Warzone sliding bug still frustrating players in Caldera and Rebirth

Warzone player running in CalderaActivision
The slide canceling bug has plagued the game for months and players are growing irritated by it creeping back up.

The problem most often creeps up when trying to slide down a set of stairs or other uneven surfaces.

Instead of getting the jump on an opponent, the attacking player will find themselves unable to look down towards their target, essentially becoming a free-kill until their momentum settles and the camera unlocks.

As seen in the video below, this can result in catastrophic results during a gunfight and, since it doesn’t happen every time, there’s no way to predict when getting aggressive is a bad idea.

One commenter from that thread noted that there is a workaround, but that it’s still frustrating to take the extra steps: “There’s a slight fix for it, need to slide first then look down. It’s stupid and not as fluid but it works and doesn’t get the camera lock. Hopefully, they just fix it though.”

Raven had previously taken steps to address this issue back on Verdansk but it’s clear that both Rebirth and Caldera could use the same kind of treatment.

There’s no news of a fix yet, but keep an eye out on their Trello board, as many of the recent updates have been focused on bugs just like this.