David Vonderhaar reveals ‘no jetpacks’ in rumored Black Ops 5

David Vonderhaar, Game Director at Treyarch and de facto Community Manager, has revealed that CoD 2020 will not feature “jet packs”, following the backlash futuristic CoDs received. 

Since Advanced Warfare’s 2014 release, CoD switched to a three-year cycle, seeing Treyarch, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games alternate. However, following the mixed reception of CoD: WWII and alleged conflicts between Sledgehammer and Raven, CoD 2020 has reportedly been handed to Treyarch.

Rumors have suggested the game’s development is behind where it should be; as a result of the late decision to hand it over to Treyarch. While this is based on rumors and leaks, details on CoD 2020 are currently limited. 

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David Vonderhaar was in charge of Black Ops 4’s reveal.

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Leaks have pointed towards a fifth installment in Treyarch’s Black Ops Series, and Vonderhaar confirmed on January 5 that the game will not feature advanced movement. 

He simply responded “NO” to a fan who said that there had better be jetpacks in CoD 2020. 

It’s fair to say the fan is probably in the minority of players: Black Ops III was the only advanced movement CoD that players did not overtly criticize. Advanced Warfare’s movement was generally believed to be too chaotic, while Infinite Warfare was lamented as a poor version of Black Ops III.

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In a second tweet, Vonderhaar joked that he was “hung from the highest branch” by the CoD community after the announcement that Black Ops III would have jetpacks. 

He even jokingly suggested that he has post-traumatic stress disorder from the backlash Treyarch and Activision received. While some fans were disappointed with the confirmation that CoD 2020 will be boots on the ground, the majority of players were pleased with the news. 

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This confirmation from Vonderhaar would feed into the existing rumors surrounding CoD 2020 – that it will be set in the Cold War, potentially in Vietnam.

While details are scarce and it will likely remain that way for a while, Vonderhaar’s confirmation compounds fan excitement for another Treyarch CoD title.

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Many fans consider Treyarch as the most consistent studio, despite middling reception that 2018’s Black Ops 4 received.