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CWL Vegas: Top five plays and moments from the $250,000 major tournament

Published: 10/Dec/2018 20:24 Updated: 10/Dec/2018 20:25

by Albert Petrosyan


This past weekend, the Call of Duty World League held its first major tournament of the 2018-19 season in Las Vegas, NV, and it was full of exhilarating moments and incredible highlights.

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From strong individual performances to inspiring team moments, the event had one of the best highlight reels anyone could ask for from a Call of Duty tournament.

There were so many electrifying moments from the weekend that it’s almost impossible to come up with a set list of top plays that features every top moment from the event.

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However, it would be hard to make a list and not include OpTic Gaming more than once, considering they did go on a remarkable unbeaten run to secure the championship.


That being said, let’s take a look back at some of the best plays and moments from this past weekend’s competition:

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#5 – Scump 1v2 vs Pittsburgh Knights

OpTic Gaming’s Scump was on his A-game right from their first match of the weekend against Pittsburgh Knights. Stuck in a 1v2 situation in the game two Search and Destroy on Arsenal, Scump used a variety of incredible shoulder peeks and movement to eliminate both of his opponents.

Perhaps the best part about this play was the use of the Crash Specialist’s health boost, which played a crucial role in him winning that second gunfight.


#4 – Single Lightning Strike wipes out 100 Thieves

One of the crucial points during Team Sween’s stunning 3-0 domination vs 100 Thieves in Pool A was a perfectly placed Lightning Strike that Dylan called during the game three Control on Frequency.

The scorestreak single-handedly wiped out the entirety of 100 Thieves’ team, turning a 13-14 player count deficit into a 13-9 advantage for Team Sween, which they would use to eventually close out the game and series in a clean sweep. 

#3 – ACHES’ four-piece vs FaZe Clan

Although Envy did not have the greatest tournament, finishing 9-12, last season’s World Champions still had some incredible spells, none more so than team captain ACHES’ clean four-piece against FaZe Clan in Pool C.


Playing Control on Seaside, ACHES pushed out the open balcony side of the map and onto the stairs, where he encountered and wiped out four FaZe players using pristine shots and tightly controlled movements.

#2 – Jurd’s four-piece with just a single clip

Anyone who has played with the Saug SMG in Black Ops 4 will tell you that the gun is powerful but its clips run out of ammo very quickly.

However, as Splyce’s Jurd demonstrated in their 3-0  Winner’s Bracket domination of Evil Geniuses, that isn’t an issue if you just hit your shots.

Jurd’s incredible four-piece with the Saug in the game three control using just a single clip of ammo deserves to be high on this list. 


#1 – OpTic Gaming’s Hardpoint comebacks vs Splyce and eUnited

Ok, we admit it, we’re going to cheat a little here and put in two plays for the price of one. But it’s hard to pick and choose which of OpTic Gaming’s two incredible Hardpoint comebacks deserved to be number on on this list.

In the first, already down 1-2 against Splyce in the Winner’s Bracket Final, OpTic used every ounce of clutch they had to come back on Seaside Hardpoint and tie up the series 2-2, which they would ultimately go on and win.

The second comeback came in game one of the Grand Final, also on Seaside, as OpTic went on an insane 130-10 run to come back and win after they had been trailing 236-120 at one point. 


That win was the dagger in the hearts of eUnited, as they missed a huge chance to take the map, and it ultimately led to OpTic sweeping them 3-0 to win the tournament.,