CWL Pro League Stage 2 – Division A Playoff Scenarios For Every Team

Division A of the CWL Pro League enters its final day on July 6th with five teams fighting for four spots.

The CWL Pro League features the top 16 teams in the world, split into two, eight team divisions. The top four teams from each division will advance to the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs and battle it out for $500,000.

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Although Team EnVy and Splyce had disappointing finishes to prevent Division A from being as competitive as expected, a number of potential scenarios can still play out on the final day – none of the top four slots secured.

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Listed below is every remaining team in Division A and what they need to do going into the final match day of Division A.

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Red Reserve

Red Reserve has clinched a playoff spot for some time now, but does not have the 1 seed locked yet. In order to finish in first place, Red simply has to beat Splyce in their final match.

Red can also finish first with a loss if TK also losses. If TK wins and Red loses to Splyce, Red will finish second.

Team Kaliber

Wins over EnVy Red and EG have launched Team Kaliber from a fringe playoff team to a team that can win Division A.

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Much like Red Reserve, Team Kaliber can only finish first or second. Unlike Red, TK will need some help to finish first as a win will not be enough. If TK beats FaZe and Red loses to Splyce, TK finishes first.

A Red Reserve win will have TK finish second, regardless of what they do against FaZe.

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Echo Fox

Echo Fox powered through a 5-1 week with wins over Red, EG and TK to clinch a playoff spot before the final day, but they still have work to do if they want to potentially avoid Rise Nation in the first round of playoffs.

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Echo Fox can finish in third place with a victory over Epsilon or a loss from FaZe. If Echo Fox lose, a FaZe win will send EF down to fourth.

Evil Geniuses

After a second place finish in Seattle and a 5-2 start to Stage 2, the wheels have come of for Evil Geniuses – with a 1-14 S&D record since Anaheim. Losses against Echo Fox, FaZe and TK have left them on the outside looking in for the final day of the CWL Pro League.

To make the playoffs as the fourth seed, EG needs to beat EnVy and then hope for a FaZe loss against TK. A FaZe victory sends EG to fifth place.

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FaZe Clan

FaZe is the only team in Division A that can finish in three possible spots right now, but massive wins over EG and Echo Fox have put them in control of the fourth seed.

FaZe makes the playoffs and clinches the fourth seed with a win over Team Kaliber – and an Echo Fox loss will send FaZe up to third as well.

A loss against TK could still send FaZe through as fourth, but only if EG loses to EnVy. A FaZe loss and EG win means FaZe finishes in fifth, outside of the playoffs.

Splyce and EnVy are both eliminated from contention and relegation does not happen after Stage 2, so their sixth and seventh place battle is essentially meaningless. However, Splyce clinches sixth with a victory over Red. An EnVy win against EG and a Splyce loss will have EnVy finish sixth.

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Epsilon will finish in last regardless of what happens, but they should be feeling good after picking up their first victory.

The last day of Division A matches will begin at 2:00 PM EST, July 6th.