CWL Championship 2018 Sunday Playoff Stream Schedule and Bracket

Only six teams remain at the 2018 CWL Championship as Sunday is upon us, with only North American teams left in the running.

Saturday saw six teams bow out, including the final three European squads Red Reserve, Team Vitality and UNILAD, plus the three lesser rated North American teams, Lightning Pandas, Ghost Gaming and Elevate.

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Evil Geniuses and Team Kaliber are the only teams left standing after a tough winners bracket, and will face off for a spot in the grand finals.

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But before that, Luminosity and eUnited will play to avoid elimination and secure top four, as Luminosity look to complete what would be a miraculous losers bracket run.

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eUnited were defeated by Team Kaliber on Saturday evening, but will still be full of confidence having made it to Sunday.

Another all star match will be up after that too, with FaZe Clan also looking to complete an equally impressive losers bracket run, but will have to get past Team Envy first, who were reverse swept by EG in a crushing winners semi-final.

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Matches will begin at 12pm ET / 9am PT / 5pm BST / 2am AEST. Full schedule below.

Team 1 vs Team 2 PST EST BST AEST
eUnited Alpha Luminosity 9:00am 12pm 5pm 2am
Team Envy Bravo FaZe Clan 9:00am 12pm 5pm 2am
Evil Geniuses Alpha Team Kaliber 10:30am 1:30pm 6:30pm 3:30am
Lower Bracket Semi-Final Bravo 10:30am 1:30pm 6:30pm 3:30am
Lower Bracket Final Alpha 12pm 3pm 8pm 5am
Grand Final Alpha 1:30pm 4:30pm 9:30pm 6:30am

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Team Kaliber will go into the day as favorites, but will know they can’t count out Patrick “ACHES” Price and his Evil Geniuses squad, who have been as resilient as anyone this event.

Luminosity and eUnited is difficult to call, as is FaZe and Envy. The latter have played each other alread this tournament, and so FaZe will hope they can get revenge after being reverse swept by Envy in their winners round one match.

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You can keep up with all the action at the 2018 CWL Championship with our dedicated coverage hub, with streams, schedule and more.

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