Call of Duty

CWL Caster Maven Reveals What FormaL Text Him After Move to Luminosity

by Calum Patterson


The trade between OpTic Gaming and Luminosity Call of Duty teams saw two of the best main assault rifle players make a direct trade, with 2017 world champion FormaL moving to LG.

Of course, Sam "Octane" Larew went in the opposite direction, and will lineup with OpTic to take on LG and the other teams in Division B of the CWL Pro League Stage Two.


But FormaL, despite his world championship caliber performances over recent years, has found himself doubted by many fans, and outranked by Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat and Octane himself in the AR role.

Partly this comes down to his role fluctuation (FormaL played an SMG role early in the season), but also his performances simply haven't been as dominant as many have come to expect.


CWL caster Clint "Maven" Evans discussed the OpTic and Luminosity trade on the recent trading shots episode, and revealed that FormaL had texted him saying "it is time to remind people".

Remind people of what exactly? Well of course that for three years, he has been challenged only by Octane and SlasheR in the AR role, but has come out on top in the end.

"FormaL is not a sweetheart, and I can tell you, he wants to destroy people now.

He texted me right after things went down, he basically text me 'it's time to remind people...'. He wants to remind people that he is god. 

Because there has been a little bit of doubt. I think because of the role thing this year, his value was a little bit lower.

I feel like these next three months though, he is going to come out and make sure that there is no question at the end of WWII that he wasn't the best.


"Will he do it? I don't know, but if there is one person I wouldn't want to deal with pissed off, he's on a short list man. I feel good about this for LG."

Of course Maven will not have long to wait to be proven correct or incorrect, as FormaL and the LG squad will take on OpTic Gaming in Division B of the Pro League, in what will be easily the most anticipated match of the regular season.

Division B matches begin May 29th, following the conclusion of the first set of Division A matches which begin May 15th.