Call of Duty

CWL Caster and Former Pro MerK Starts New Series Breaking Down CWL Pro League Matches

by Calum Patterson


Call of Duty veteran player turned CWL caster and analyst Joe "MerK" DeLuca has started a new series breaking down Pro League matches, giving invaluable insight to aspiring professional players.

MerK had a storied career as a professional player himself, known for his time on teams such as OpTic Gaming and Team Envy, and was part of the 2011 CoD XP winning roster.


Since retirement mid-way through the Black Ops III season, he has taken his knowledge of the game to the analyst desk, and more recently stepped into a casting role too.

His new series, which he is broadcasting live via his personal Twitch channel, and also later uploading to YouTube, gives a more personalized touch to his analysis, going in-depth through an entire match from the CWL Pro League.


His first episode focused on hardpoint matches from the Team Kaliber vs Echo Fox series in week one of Stage Two in the CWL Pro League.

MerK meticulously analysed individual decision making, teamwork, critiqued flaws of each team and highlighted strengths.

The series is most useful for players inspired by the top level of Call of Duty, and attempting to break through into the pro scene.


As two time world champion Jordan "JKap" Kaplan has stated, anyone can shoot their gun straight, but knowing how to play the game is what separates an amateur from a professional. 

This series should provide an insight into that knowledge and elevate your game by learning from the best. Even some pro players themselves may be watching this series to get an insight into their opposition.

MerK has now completed the second of his VOD breakdowns, this time focusing on a match between FaZe Clan and Team Kaliber.

You can watch the series on MerK's Twitch channel live, or catch up with them later via his YouTube channel.