CWL announce changes to competitive ruleset ahead of CWL Fort Worth

David Purcell. Last updated: Mar 01, 2019
Treyarch / Activision

Call of Duty World League have revealed a number of major changes to the League Play rules, ahead of the upcoming CWL Fort Worth tournament. 

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This is just the latest piece of big news that has been announced before Fort Worth, which will take place on March 15 and runs until March 17, as the official pools have already been released for the second LAN event of the year. 

While the pools were expected, though, changes to the rules might come as a surprise for many gamers and their fans. 

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Treyarch / Activision
Zero, one of the Specialists in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

The announcement was made on CoD World League’s official Twitter account, impacting a number of different areas of gameplay. 

“Based on additional player feedback regarding AI-controlled Scorestreaks, the Drone Squad, Sniper’s Nest, and Strike Team have all been added to the restricted list for competitive play,” they revealed. “All changes will be reflected in League Play today & at CWL Fort Worth.”

Another big change, as seen in the tweet, includes the addition of Zero to the playable Specialist list. 

Zero’s Specialist equipment is an EMP and her weapon, for those that aren’t aware, is an Ice Pick that can hack enemy computer systems. This can be used to destroy or steal the equipment they have set up. 

Fans and players have all of that to look forward to at Fort Worth.