CWL Announce a Ruleset Update Regarding the M1 Garand Assault Rifle

A new ruleset update has been announced by the Call of Duty World League regarding the M1 Garand Assault Rifle in future competitive play.

Ever since the release of CoD: WWII in November of 2017, Sledgehammer and the CWL have constantly been attempting to keep competition and gameplay as smooth and even as possible for all players.

Various updates and patches have been introduced by the developer over the course of recent months to address situations such as weapon balancing, Divisions, and other in-game aspects following community feedback.

However, there are times where professional players and community members decide that a certain weapon may not be the best fit for competitive play, which can potentially lead to reported ‘Gentleman’s Agreements’ where the gun may be avoided.

In CoD: WWII, one such weapon was the M1 Garand Assault Rifle, which stirred a debate throughout the competitive scene regarding if it belonged in the CWL ruleset due to its sheer power.

On May 10th, the CWL announced via a Reddit post that the M1 Garand will no longer be allowed in the competitive ruleset as of Friday May 11th, and that the change will be reflected in-game ‘in the near future.’

The full statement can be viewed below.


CWL Ruleset Update – 5/10

Hey everyone,

We’ve got another CWL Ruleset Update for you all.


The M1 Garand will be restricted from CWL competition beginning this Friday, May 11th. This change will be reflected in-game in the near future.


Please note, the ITRA Burst assault rifle is allowed in all CWL competition.


Have a great day friends.


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