Crimsix paints bleak picture for OpTic heading into CWL London after shutting down a scrim

Daniel Cleary

Two-time Call of Duty world champion, Ian ‘Crimsix‘ Porter has raised concerns over OpTic Gaming’s lack of improvement in scrims.

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Call of Duty veteran Crimsix has long been considered one of the best leaders in competitive Call of Duty, evidenced by his impressive 32 major event wins, and is known for bringing teams to championship caliber, as seen with CWL Vegas at the start of the Black Ops 4 season.

Things have not been clicking lately for OpTic Gaming, however, as during a recent scrim session vs Midnight Esports, Crimsix felt as if his time was being wasted after being unable to get his point across during a game of Hacienda Hardpoint, in preparation for CWL London.

OpTic won the first event of the competitive Call of Duty season, CWL Vegas.
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Crimsix not happy with OpTic Gaming practice

The clip shows Crimsix asking his team “do you understand what i’m saying?” referring to a moment earlier in the match where he criticized his teammates for making a bad decision.

He was quickly cut off by teammate, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner saying “someone gas me for the love of god,” after his high-score performance on the map, before Crimsix snapped at him, telling him to “shut the fuck up,” so that he could get his point across to the other players on OpTic.

This caused Dashy to start laughing over Crimsix while he was speaking, until Crim eventually had enough and decided that he was finished with scrims and going offline.

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The clip was immediately shared to Reddit, where fans gave their opinions on the situation which unfolded between the OpTic members, and Crimsix also shared his thoughts on the scrim vs Midnight on the thread.

The two-time world champion described that he felt the team were seeing little improvement while scrimming other teams: “we aren’t getting better or worse with scrims.” 

He then went on to say that there was no point playing, as he felt not everyone was trying to use the time to effectively: “If we aren’t trying to get better, then what’s the point in scrimming?”


CWL London takes place on May 3, and OpTic have found themselves in one of the tougher pool play groups alongside 100 Thieves, Reciprocity and Enigma6 in group A.

Many are hoping that the fan-favorite roster can turn things around and win their second championship of the year in London.