Crimsix reveals Huke took a $100k pay cut to join Dallas Empire

. 2 years ago
Huke next to Dallas Empire logo
Dallas Empire/CDL

Dallas Empire veteran Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed that Call of Duty young gun Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland took a $100,000 pay cut in order to join the Texas-based organization. 

Empire’s dominance during the inaugural Call of Duty League season has somewhat been overshadowed by the transition to 4v4, seeing Clayster dropped just days after winning Modern Warfare’s World Championships.

However, many agree that the team was a stroke of genius, combining two of the game’s greatest players with a trio of young stars to balance desire, experience and talent.

One of the younger stars was Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland. After the Advanced Warfare season, as he was younger than 18 and new CWL rules came in, Huke switched to Halo for the next couple of Call of Duty games, before switching back for WWII.

Huke competing for Team Envy.
Team Envy (Twitter)
Huke competing for Team Envy.

Huke made the grade for Dallas Empire’s roster but, during an episode of the CouRage and Nadeshot show, Crimsix revealed that he took an eye-watering pay cut in order to join the team.

“Clay, I didn’t know this, and I don’t know if you know,” Crimsix said, as his ex-teammate was discussing his compensation for moving CDL teams. “Cuyler – Huke – took a $100k+ salary cut to make this team happen. This isn’t like Scump, that could have been half his f**king contract.”

It goes without saying that Huke’s sacrifice led to success, and he’s almost certainly earned more from Dallas’ victories than he would have done accepting a more lucrative contract from a less promising team.

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“Sacrifices man,” replied Clayster. “He’s a good kid man, he understands what he wants. $100k when you’re 21 is a lot of money dude.”

At such a young age, the decision to pursue a less lucrative contract on a more promising team speaks volumes about the work ethic and maturity of Huke, who, at 20, is still one of Call of Duty’s youngest stars, despite his experience.

He will continue on Dallas Empire in the Black Ops Cold War season, alongside Crimsix, Shotzzy and iLLeY.

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