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Crimsix rejects OpTic dynasty reunion & lashes out at Green Wall’s “disgusting” claims

Published: 8/Jul/2021 8:56 Updated: 8/Jul/2021 8:57

by Brad Norton


A podcast featuring all four members of the OpTic dynasty has been on every CoD fan’s wishlist for years now, but Crimsix has just shut down any hope of it ever happening after lashing out at the “disgusting” Green Wall ‘consensus.’

The OpTic dynasty is often looked at as one of the strongest teams in competitive CoD history. For multiple years the core roster of Scump, FormaL, Karma, and Crimsix dominated the scene, winning dozens of events across multiple games and even securing the 2017 World Championship.

While they were on top of the world at the tail end of 2017, the magic started to fade during the WWII cycle before roster changes eventually came through. Years have passed since this golden OpTic era and although some issues have been forgiven, Crimsix is still furious with certain teammates.


As a result, the chance of an OpTic dynasty reunion podcast ever happening has always been fairly slim. After reigniting the beef once again on July 7, however, the podcast plans now appear to definitely be off the table.

OpTic dynasty
The OpTic dynasty officially came to an end in 2018.

“If H3CZ asked you, would you do a podcast with the rest of the OpTic dynasty team?” a fan asked Crim on Instagram.

The three-time world champ bluntly responded: “Flat out no.”

“I was the one who was carried throughout those years, not sure why I’d need to be there,” he said sarcastically. Despite the dynasty toppling almost every foe throughout their years together, many in the community looked to blame the team’s downfall on key members after the fact.


Having taken much of this criticism in the years that have passed since, Crim decided to clear the air once and for all. “Sounds petty I know. But I refuse to give people even a second of my time that come at me based off bulls***.”

“If there’s truth to it all, I will always give the benefit of the doubt to criticism. But the consensus created during my time on OpTic is frankly disgusting.”

Crimsix Instagram story
Instagram: iancrimsix
Crim’s full response to the idea of a dynasty reunion.

Acknowledging that he hasn’t always been the target, Crim addressed how even Karma was taking part of the blame early on. “Damon was the one getting “carried” in that time period,” he said in a later Reddit post.


“Fans going at Damon for every loss, I witnessed this first hand. But the consensus last year was shifted towards me because of comments made in present day.”

Ultimately, it’s clear there’s tension in the air among the former OpTic squad. Even at the latest LAN event, tensions boiled over again; Crim was in a heated exchange with FormaL after Empire knocked them out of the bracket.

If we ever see a dynasty podcast, it may take years of reconciliation. For now, Crim clearly isn’t eager to jump on the mic with his old team any time soon.