Crimsix opens up on rostermania and feud with Scump and FormaL

. 3 years ago

CoD veteran  Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has spoken out about the ongoing rostermania, and his relationship with former teammates Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper.

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Following the announcement of Crimsix as Dallas Empire’s latest addition to their Call of Duty roster, the FPS veteran answered fans’ questions and revealed details regarding his split from OpTic.

The most substantial rostermania is currently in-play ahead of the first season of franchising in Call of Duty. With teams shuffling and players eager to find their home for the season, a flurry of team announcements have ensued. 

Both Crimsix and Clayster were part of the compLexity roster.
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Perhaps the most notable roster move thus far is Crimsix and James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks joining forces in a bid to rekindle their previous successes. The pair will represent Dallas Empire under the Envy banner during their Modern Warfare campaign.

In-light of Crimsix’s recent switch, the most winningest CoD player of all-time completed a ‘ask me anything’ in conjunction with esports apparel company, H4X. Reddit user ‘AngryPenguin501’ transcribed the interview and posted it to the r/CoDCompetitive subreddit.

Discussing all aspects of his career, Porter answered a variety of questions; from his OpTic departure to his new roster and their plans moving into the new season.

Reddit (u/AngryPenguin501)
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However, when asked: “Are you and Seth cool?”, Crimsix simply responded with “Nope” and when prompted with: “Did Scump want you dropped?”, the veteran teased “Vid on it later.”

Crimsix was also probed on his relationship with FormaL: “Would you have teamed with FormaL?”, to which he simply responded with “Who?”

Moreover, when asked about the long-term structure of the OpTic squad, in terms of their ‘most annoying trait’, Porter provided some insight: “45 – 90 minutes late every single day. Tyler (TeePee) and I sat in lobbies. Overall, just hated practicing last year. People weren’t there to improve… A complete waste of time.”

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Although the exact details of the ex-OpTic roster split are yet to surface, rumors and statements posted to Crimsix’s Twitter are suggestive that the break in camp was somewhat cold-blooded and unexpected.

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Given the nature of the split between the OpTic squad, rumors are pointing towards the core of the team going separate ways — with Dashy and TJHaLy reportedly joining the Los Angeles franchise, while Scump is rumored to be staying with now-NRG CEO, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez. 

Nonetheless, it appears that Crimsix has settled with his squad of five ahead of the new season, and will be looking to add more championships to his ever-expanding list of accolades.

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