Crimsix lashes out at Dallas Empire contract restrictions, demands CDL “step in”

Dallas Empire Crimsix CDLDallas Empire

The most successful player in Call of Duty history, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has lashed out at Dallas Empire for enforcing certain restrictions amidst the 2022 offseason, demanding Call of Duty League officials take action.

The latest CoD offseason has been one of the most turbulent of all time. From legends retiring to reports of groundbreaking mergers, we’ve seen a number of bombshells shake up the scene already.

One of the first dominos to fall came as Crimsix announced his restricted free agency for the year. After two seasons with Empire, the veteran is now without a home. While Crim is able to explore other opportunities, his specific situation still comes with a few setbacks.

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Namely, his contract is still ongoing with the Envy-owned franchise.

Therefore, any new offers that come his way also have to factor in a buyout with his former team. Not too pleased by these restrictions, Crim took to The Flank to vent his frustrations and demand some changes.

crimsix cdl leadershipCall of Duty League
Crimsix led Empire to a World Championship in the inaugural CDL season.

“When you see unrestricted vs restricted… I think it’s bulls*** when an org has no intention of starting you or actually using your talent,” he stressed. “You should be unrestricted.”

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Not the only one subjected to these conditions, many players can define themselves as restricted free agents this offseason. While certain organizations like Toronto Ultra appear to take extra steps to “take care” of their talent, others don’t adopt the same approach.

“The League needs to f***ing step in and stop this s***,” Crimsix demanded, evidently frustrated after years of representing Empire.

Not only do new interested parties have to negotiate buyouts with Empire – an org that has “no reason to start” Crim – but these buyouts also “impact” salaries moving forward.

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“No matter where I go, I’m getting a salary cut,” the unsigned CDL star continued. “It’s probably significant and it’s straight-up bulls**t.”

While Crim is among the biggest names voicing his frustrations, he clarified that the issue isn’t tied to Empire exclusively. 

“I don’t really blame [Mike ‘hastr0’ Rufail] because everyone’s doing it,” he said. “The League needs to step in. If you have no intention of playing someone, they’re free to go, that needs to be League-wide.”

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The issue boils down to “orgs [having] so much power over players,” Crim added. “They get to decide how much they want to sell you for too, that’s a huge f***ing issue in itself. While players continue to be put in similar situations each year, very few appear ready to form a union for the betterment of the League.

Therefore, no matter where Crimsix lands for the Vanguard season, Empire will be taking a decent chunk of change before he starts playing.

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