Crimsix hits out at Warzone 2 “SBMM patents” after crazy elimination

Crimsix for Subliners with ski goggles onCDL

Three-time CoD World Champion Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has blasted “SBMM patents” in Warzone 2 after experiencing a ludicrous elimination in the battle royale. 

Skill-based matchmaking continues to be a major topic in CoD, with players criticizing it endlessly and game publishers only integrating it to a greater degree. 

Warzone 2 is widely believed to have stringent SBMM, with players generally matched to those of similar skill levels. When you’re as talented as Crimsix, it can mean your matches feel quite taxing. 

That certainly appeared to be the case in a January 7 stream, when the pro turned streamer was decimated by an opponent in a clip sure to raise more ire with the battle royale sequel’s rapid TTK.

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Crimsix blames “SBMM patents” after crazy Warzone 2 elimination

Waiting for an enemy on one of Al Mazrah’s buildings, Crim immediately opened fire as they scaled the ladder. With the RAAL in hand, victory looked inevitable for the all-time great. 

However, the opponent, using a bare Kastov-74u, pulled out some phenomenal shots and managed to eliminate Crimsix, who was left stunned.

Tweeting the clip, he captioned it: “Pro COD Player. 20 ping. Super PC. 4th Fastest TTK Gun in WZ2 vs Dad. – 75″ inch HDTV. Neglects teaching his kids the important life lessons. Beer Belly. Hitboxes adjusted because of low K/D this past week.”

Below, and presumably semi-jokingly, he said: “Fawk SBMM patents”. 

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While SBMM’s inclusion in Warzone 2 is basically undeniable, more outlandish theories have surfaced on the basis of similar clips. 

Some players – admittedly without evidence – have theorized that there is skill-based audio in the game. Others have proposed the similarly unlikely skill-based hit detection. 

Activision have filed multiple patents relating to SBMM, which take into account huge amounts of data regarding player performance. That does not mean they are present in their games. 

Regardless, we’re still scratching our heads as to how a pre-aiming Crimsix was taken out so rapidly. If we find out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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