Crimsix explains why Warzone’s Grau needs to be nerfed


Call of Duty veteran Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has taken sides on the ongoing M4A1 vs Grau debate — and there’s a clear winner, with the Grau needing a nerf according to the Dallas Empire pro.

There’s no doubting that Crimsix knows a thing or two about Call of Duty. As the most winningest player to ever touch the franchise, it’s fair to say that the two-time world champion is well-acquainted with the game’s meta.

Although, in a recent Tweet, Crimsix has attempted to settle a debate that will be one for the ages… M4A1 versus Grau. Which one takes the biscuit? Well according to Crimsix, there’s only one clear winner.

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Grau loadout in Warzone.Activision
Ever since it’s addition in Season 2, the Grau 5.56 has changed the meta in Modern Warfare.z

While the M4A1 has been balanced to the high-heavens, the Grau still remains relatively overpowered — there’s a reason it’s most people’s go-to weapon in their Custom Loadouts!

In a bid to judge whether the Season 2 AR needs to be nerfed, Crim decided to compare Call of Duty League caster and Warzone aficionado, Clint ‘Maven’ Evans, with Seattle Surge hotshot, Sam ‘Octane’ Larew.

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By eyeballing the pair, Porter arrived at the conclusion that they’re both about equal. “Result: Toss up. Both can shoot it equally as well…This gun is skill-less and doesn’t feel rewarding at all.”

While Maven boasts an extensive Warzone portfolio, there are few (if any) who can compete with Octane’s pinpoint accuracy. This seems to provide Crimsix all the proof he needs that the Grau should be nerfed.

Surge’s Main AR agreed with Crim’s point, while also jesting that Maven would have his number 90% of the time if the pair were to lock horns.

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The big advantage of the Grau in comparison to its M4 counterpart is that players can get away with rocking the iron sight — opening up an extra attachment slot to bolster the weapon’s stats.

But given how little there is statistically between the two assault rifles (detailed in our extensive comparison), it remains unlikely that Infinity Ward will be looking to nerf the Grau anytime soon.