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Crimsix explains why Modern Warfare needs “fake three-lane maps”

Published: 8/Nov/2019 12:55 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 13:12

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty legend Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has weighed in on the arguments surrounding Modern Warfare’s maps, explaining what the ‘best’ maps in the franchise usually look like.

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Since it released back on October 25, Modern Warfare has sparked plenty of debate between players – both professional and casual – with plenty on both sides criticizing weapons, maps, and even grenade usage. 

With the annoucement that Infinity Ward would be rolling out new content, including a brand-new map by the name of Shoot House. That debate about maps has carried on, with Crimsix revealing his hope for the new map in question, specifically about how developers should be mimicking ‘fake’ three-lane set-ups.


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Activision - Call of Duty: Modern WarfareModern Warfare has been a successful release for the Call of Duty franchise but problems have reared their heads.

On November 7, the Dallas Empire player tweeted that “the best kind of maps are “fake” 3-lane maps,” and hoped that Shoot House would be “somewhat like that.”

In order to avoid confusion about what he meant by ‘fake’ three-land maps, the two-time CoD World Champion added: “3 lanes with quick/multiple cutoffs that separate the lanes.”

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Quickly after his post, one fan quizzed Crimsix on some good historical examples of what he meant, with the former OpTic Gaming star replying with a bad one and an all-time great one.

He explained that Ardennes Forest from CoD: WWII was a “perfect bad example,” while Standoff from Black Ops II was a “good” one because of it’s variation in crossing the three different lanes.


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Prior to the game’s release, Infinity Ward devs explained that they wouldn’t be following the stereotypical three-lane design in order to maintain plenty of “realism” instead of the arena-based shooter feel of recent titles. 

With a huge number of maps being leaked in a recent data mine, and Shoot House now being playable, it remains to be seen if there will be anything along the lines of what Crimsix wants. 

However, if the developers are already set in their ways and these maps have been a long time in the making, they may not have taken the increasingly vocal criticism from players on board.