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Crimsix explains the Modern Warfare meta for professional teams

Published: 1/Feb/2020 10:30

by Andy Williams


Dallas Empire pro, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, has shed light on the current competitive meta in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Being the winningest professional Call of Duty player in history, Crimsix has a solid knowledge base which fans can tap into.

Despite not getting off to the hottest of starts during the Call of Duty League Launch Weekend, the 33-time major champion has given fans an insight into pro team’s meta — and surprise, surprise… the MP5 reigns supreme.

Crimsix in Dallas Empire gear.
Dallas Empire
Crimsix is joined by fellow veteran James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks under the Dallas Empire banner.

It’s no secret that there are two weapons that lead the pack in terms of being the most well-rounded within their respective category. For those unaware, the MP5 and M4A1 have largely gone unmatched during the first three months of Modern Warfare. 

However, unless you paid particularly close attention to CDL matches, how pro teams utilize these to suit the needs of the game mode and map is less clear.

The Dallas Empire AR has revealed exactly how team roles match-up against one another in Modern Warfare, with SMGs taking up a considerable slice of the meta-pie. 

“This is a four [SMG], one AR game.” Porter explained. “Each team has two main subs, two flex’s but mainly subs (only because of Azhir Cave), and one main AR.”

Player roles vary on a game-to-game basis, with weapon choices, game modes, and map layout being the largest factors in determining roles. 

Crim later addressed that fantasy leagues and statistics for players should be relative to their role by stating: “Statistics/graphics/fantasy leagues should reflect role & specialist being used.”

Of course, a player whose responsibility it is to manipulate spawns in Hardpoint (usually the main AR) and rotate to the next Hardpoint early, will be less likely to have hill time but will be required to win game-changing one-on-one duels.

Perhaps the reason for such an SMG-heavy meta is due to the fast-paced nature of Modern Warfare’s maps, alongside the sheer volume of close-quarters engagements that players will constantly find themselves in. 

While Crimsix’s meta will likely run true to respawn game modes, players frequently change their rig on a round-by-round basis when playing Search & Destroy — with Sniper Rifles often being used to cut-off long-range lines of sight.

Nonetheless, taking into account player roles when displaying statistics (specifically in fantasy leagues) would provide a more relative means of expressing a player’s role on a team.

Call of Duty

How to find Warzone Leatherface house easter egg on Verdansk map

Published: 24/Oct/2020 15:53

by Joe Craven


With Call of Duty: Warzone celebrating its first Halloween, there’s some unique changes to the map: here’s everything you need to know to find and enter Leatherface’s house on the Verdansk map.

Warzone’s Halloween celebrations are well underway, with a ton of new content for players to dive into. This includes a number of ghostly easter eggs, one of which takes the shape of a creepy Leatherface shack located on the Verdansk map.

Leatherface is infamous for his role as the antagonist in The Texas Chainsaw film series. First debuting in 1974, the cannibalistic murderer has been reincarnated multiple times. You can even unlock Leatherface content in Modern Warfare and Warzone to strike fear into the heart of your opponents.

Warzone Zombie in Verdansk
Activision / Infinity Ward
Warzone’s Halloween event has given the map a major spooky makeover.

Leatherface’s house location in Warzone

In order to find his house, you need to head to the very east side of the map, towards Krovnik Farmland. Once there, you’ll find a small hut towards the top of the south east areas of huts.

Once you’re nearby it should be pretty easy to locate – there are plenty of signs that it’s the house of a serial killer. A demonic Leatherface figure will greet you at one of the windows, while body parts are littered around the downstairs. Chainsaw noises will also play from upstairs, before two Leatherface figures ambush you on your trip up the stairs.

Leatherface's house circled on Verdansk map
Infinity Ward
The location of Krovnik Farmland on the Verdansk map, then of Leatherface’s house within Farmland.

There’s no in-game reward for visiting the house of Leatherface, but it’s an awesome feature for fans of The Texas Chainsaw series to enjoy nonetheless. It’s fair to assume you could terrify unsuspecting players by waiting among the scattered body parts and incarnations of the mass murderer.

At the time of writing Halloween is still has over a week left, so Infinity Ward could well have some more tricks (or treats) up their sleeves for the Haunting of Verdansk event.