Crimsix drops big hint that their CoD team is leaving OpTic

Alan Bernal

The most winningest player in Call of Duty history Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter dropped more hints that OpTic Gaming’s entire CoD lineup might be parting from the org soon.

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Since the Immortals Gaming Club acquired OpTic’s parent company, Infinite Esports & Entertainment on June 12, there’s been a major exodus of talent and content creators from the Greenwall faction.

On the player side, there’s been various hints that the Call of Duty team filled with incredible talent at every position might band together and leave the embattled org as a franchised league will take effect in 2020.

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Crimsix looking toward the future 

In an August 31 post, Crimsix gave a heartwarming farewell of sorts to an era as he reflected on his time a part of the OpTic brand before new management had taken over.

“Such a sad day to the end of an era,” Crimsix said. “Blessed to be apart of something so special… Hopefully wherever we end up will see you guys supporting all the same and we’ll see you guys in 2020!”

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The OpTic veteran reminisced about the outpour of support that the Greenwall had throughout the years, but was already looking on to a new chapter.

With the Immortals owning both the OpTic brand and a Los Angeles spot in the upcoming CDL, it would seem like the members consisting of Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell , Thomas ‘TJHaLy’ Haly, and Crimsix would be an easy shoo-in for a complete team, sans subs.

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But the future is unclear as to where they will all land, though there’s been hints cropping up from previous OpTic members like Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards that the unit might be sticking together.

“Even if the Call of Duty team right now doesn’t end up staying together, which I think they are, from what I hear, I think they are…” Hitch said.

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Immortals have either sold, renamed or released all OpTic teams except for the Call of Duty branch.

It would be an easy call to make for a future org in the franchised league to pick up a starting five-man roster consisting of the Greenwall’s 2019 team, but time will tell if they’ll be wearing the same jerseys when the inaugural CDL season begins in 2020.