Crimsix confirms player union “is in the works” for Call of Duty League

Crimsix CDL Players AssociationActivision

Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter has revealed that a player union is “in the works” among Call of Duty League players heading into the league’s second season.

For some time, both fans and players alike have speculated that Call of Duty pros could or should create a players union to better protect the interests of competitors, the esport and the league.

We’ve seen similar unions created in other esports; the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association is made up of some of the top names in CS:GO, while the NALCS Players Association exists to help League of Legends pros in North America.

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Now, after the first season of franchising in Call of Duty, it appears that Call of Duty players are looking to follow suit to further enhance their careers.

Crimsix Dallas Empire CDL interviewActivision
Crimsix is one of the longest-standing veterans of the Call of Duty scene.

With rostermania kicking off, and a switch from 5v5 gameplay to 4v4, there are major changes coming to the Call of Duty League — but this one is slightly different to what fans are used to.

In his appearance on Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler’s CoDcast podcast with Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, Crim was asked a question from a fan about whether a players association will ever happen — and revealed that it’s actually already being created.

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“It’s already done,” he said. “I don’t think it’s like… It’s in the works. That’s all I’m going to say.”

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Crim was also asked who is heading up the players union, and joked about it being Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat before saying that he can’t actually reveal any more about it.

How exactly the association would proceed and help the esport remains to be seen, but if it’s in the works, we should know before long who’s involved and what exactly its role would be as it pertains to the Call of Duty League.

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