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Crimsix and Scump agree to end their Call of Duty beef for the New Year

Published: 30/Dec/2020 22:51

by Theo Salaun


Thanks to an old OpTic Gaming clip and the promise of a New Years kiss, the Call of Duty League’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Seth ‘Scump’ Abner have finally decided to end their beef. 

For what feels like ages, CoD fans have wondered if Crimsix and Scump, two of the game’s most iconic players, would ever reach reconciliation. In reality, their relationship only soured in the past couple years, following five seasons atop professional Call of Duty’s ranks as teammates on OpTic Gaming.

But during the Black Ops 4 season, OpTic’s relationships began to turn and, as made evident in the CDL roster reshuffling, Crimsix and Scump could no longer coexist. As explained by C6 during the CDL offseason, the team’s beef got to the point where they all “hated each other” in 2019.


That squabbling turned to disassembly, with Scump reaching out to Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper to team in the CDL’s inaugural season and preferring not to play with Crim. The former two went to the Chicago Huntsmen, now OpTic Chicago, and the latter to the Dallas Empire. Now, following his CDL Championship, Crim has publicly reached out to make (romantic) amends with his former teammate.

Pulling up the nostalgia of their former banter, Crimsix promises Scump a New Year’s kiss if they ‘drop the beef.’ In the replies, Scump expressed surprise at the sudden reconciliatory attempt before quickly agreeing: “Leave it in 2020.”


For those hoping that the beef would continue to heat up in 2021, this news will be unfortunate. The motivational OpTic Gaming poster is probably coming down, the “rent free” comments won’t be as venomous and no, Crimsix will likely not be using his $22,000 night-vision goggles to sabotage OpTic’s facilities. 

With a meme about the two kissing and making up followed by a video of sheer emotion, the fruit of friendship may finally be blossoming. And the lyrics in Scump’s reply, from The Fray’s “How to Save a Life,” are enough to make a grown CoD fan cry.


“Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend — somewhere along in the bitterness. And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life.” No word yet on if C6 and Scump will be staying up to play Warzone or Black Ops Cold War together, but, on the plus side, the power of a kiss seems to have saved their friendship.