Crimsix and FormaL clash following comments over being dropped by OpTic

crimsix formal cdlPexels, iStock / Call of Duty League

Call of Duty royalty clashed after Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter responded to a clip of Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper saying he would have dropped the now-Dallas Empire star way back during their OpTic Gaming Dynasty days.

This quip by FormaL about dropping former teammates immediately boiled over with the two former CoD World Champions going at each other, revealing parts of their past that took fans by surprise.

During OpTic’s “Truth Pong,” FormaL had a quick answer after getting a question that read: “Who do you wish you dropped, but never did?” He said he would have dropped Crim back during the Black Ops 3 days, the era right before Infinite Warfare where the Optic boys would eventually win a World Championship ring.

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The answer drummed up a response form C6, who wasn’t about to take the swipe lying down.

“Plot twist, I get dropped, during the year I join nV in place of Jkap, cremsux still win champs,” he said. “Hold that, Jack Black”

“That plot would be sweet!” FormaL retorted. “Except the way it actually went is you went in broken with camo, game in your hands, and failed.”

One of the biggest revelations brought to the table was Crim bashing FormaL for allegedly going back on a team-wide pact in 2017 to split the CoD World Champ MVP payment among the OpTic roster.

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While FormaL didn’t directly address the allegation, he hinted that Crim should just be happy for getting hardware out of OpTic’s 2017 World Championship run despite his form at the time.

“Sounds like how you failed to split the MVP payment with the 3 teammates,” Crim said. “Even though we all agreed on doing this if we won it. Imagine scumming your brothers outta $6-7k because of pure selfishness and ego.

“And I don’t even give a flying fuck about the money, it’s the thought of looking you in the face and realizing that this human being in front of me actually fucking did that, that you’re capable of doing that.”

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Meanwhile, FormaL discredited two of Crim’s three World Championships, outright saying he gifted Crim a “free ring” in 2017 and took a jab at the 2020 accomplishment, noting that it was won in the online era of esports.

The two are world-class Call of Duty players and some of the best trash talkers from the old-days of the esport. The drama only fuels the demand to hopefully see an OpTic vs Empire matchup in the CDL’s upcoming Stage 4 Major, following this week’s LA Thieves Home Series.