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Creepy Warzone bug is transforming guns into unreleased alien reactive camo

Published: 25/Apr/2021 1:01

by Theo Salaun


After Call of Duty: Warzone Season 3 launched, players have reported some interesting bugs — including one creepy one that turns your M16 into an unreleased, wildly grotesque, skeletal Mastercraft (and possible reactive camo). 

A lot of Warzone fans appreciate the game’s cosmetics, and when Black Ops Cold War launched, the introduction of Treyarch’s infamous Mastercraft and reactive camo blueprints was very exciting for the aesthetically inclined.

Among the more popular Mastercrafts around, the Krig 6’s Ice Drake is an obvious favorite — as the gun goes full Game of Thrones energy, looking like an icy dragon with frosted wings. But some players have started stumbling into a hellish, similarly monstrous camo.


Apparently called the “Incubator,” something in Warzone’s files is transforming people’s M16 rifles into a creepy, living organism. With moving bones, discolored organs, and green tracers, this is one of the weirder bugs in Warzone history.

My Western Front M16 blueprint turned this monstronsity. Could not find it in the Armory. Shoots green tracers, plague dust dismember, and leaves plague splatter. from CODWarzone

As shared by Reddit’s CraftZ49, they went into a game of Warzone with a Western Front M16 blueprint equipped, only to find out that their gun had been fully disfigured. Showing their inspect animation in a video, you can see just how…detailed the gun is.

Letting out high-pitched squeaks when CraftZ49 pokes it, the gun seems to be some sort of alien organism with bones and rotting flesh. At a certain point, it seems to even try and attack its wielder. 


But the trigger works just fine and, when pressed, unleashes neon green tracers that leave some sort of “plague splatter” (in the Redditor’s own words). 

M16 loadout Warzone
Activision / Treyarch
What a nice, normal gun the M16 usually is.

If you compare this M16 version to the normal one, it’s even more obvious that the design is incredibly elaborate. And this one doesn’t just look different than normal guns, it interacts with its owner and makes creepy little sounds.

At the moment, however, developers Raven Software have yet to take note of this bug as it has not been added to their Trello board for known glitches. Even if they were aware of it, there are much more pressing issues to deal with first — like an exploit that lets people go underneath Stadium for free wins.


Still, getting an unreleased Mastercraft for free is interesting and this bug deserves some attention. (Especially because it kind of looks like one.)