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Crazy Warzone truck bug teleports players across the map

Published: 22/Jun/2021 13:27

by Alex Garton


A Warzone player has discovered a bug after being hit by a truck and spontaneously teleported halfway across the Verdansk map.

Despite entering its fourth season, Warzone has still not managed to shake its reputation for bugs and glitches. Although some can be incredibly funny to experience, others can completely ruin a match and leave a player feeling extremely frustrated.

There have been so many of these glitches that we’ve even compiled a list of the worst in Warzone’s short history.

Now, another has been discovered after a player was teleported halfway across Verdansk, seemingly out of the blue. It occurred after they were hit by a truck during a game of Quads.


Cargo Truck Warzone
Warzone Season 4 launched on June 17, 2021.

Warzone player discovers teleport glitch

Although Warzone’s Season 4 update added a set of mysterious red doors to the game that operate as teleporters, ESPNFantasySucks appears to have found another way to fast travel across the map.

While playing Quads in Warzone, the player attempted to escape an enemy truck that was heading right for them. Unable to make it through the window of a building, ESPNFantasySucks got downed, but during animation, seemingly teleported across the entire map.

This resulted in them being eliminated as they were left in the gas, miles outside of the safe zone. It was obvious they were confused by the bug and their reaction after opening the in-game map says it all.


It’s unclear why ESPNFantasySucks was teleported from Salt Mine to Downtown instantly after being run over.

It appears to be related to the fact that the player was pushed up against a wall when making contact with the truck.

Although it’s unlikely this bug will affect too many players in Warzone, it’s worth knowing just in case you’re attempting to escape a vehicle.

Let’s hope Raven can figure out why this happening and potentially implement a fix in a future patch.