Crazy Warzone FAL loadout gives player wall hacks without actually cheating

Theo Salaun

A Call of Duty: Warzone player has come up with possibly the strangest loadout around. It uses a FAL, a Snapshot Grenade launcher, and lets you feel like a hacker — seeing and shooting through walls with ease.

As Warzone fans continue to deal with a plague of hackers, one ingenious player has devised a way to essentially achieve what those cheaters are capable of… without actually hacking. While aim lock is impossible to recreate, this player’s loadout also does something that cheaters can’t.

Reddit’s ‘LordTexugo’ crafted a FAL loadout equipped with a Snapshot Grenade underbarrel launcher and FMJ rounds as a perk attachment. This combination basically allows them to see through walls and then shoot through those walls, with absurd results.

LordTexugo shared one such result on Reddit and it quickly went viral, as players reacted by agreeing on one thing: yes, they would 100% report anyone who killed them the way Texugo is able to.

As you can see in the clip, Texugo gets an idea of where an enemy might be waiting in ambush using a UAV. They then go up the stairs and get ready for a confrontation.

Using the underbarrel, Texugo Snapshots through a thick wall and locates the enemy, laying prone and watching the entrance. So, with wall hacks essentially activated, it’s time for the FMJ and already-potent FAL damage to take over.

Texugo quickly shreds through the wall, eliminating the opponent in a way that feels very hacker-esque.

FAL Warzone Modern Warfare CoD
Dexerto/Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s FAL may no longer be meta, but it’s still dangerous.

This entire technique may feel silly, but it is definitely intriguing. The Snapshot Grenade gives you information a Heartbeat Sensor couldn’t (e.g. the actual position of the enemy), while the FAL already has high-enough damage to take advantage of the FMJ.

Normally players are unable to down enemies through the wall Texugo uses, so this loadout really lets you do the impossible.

If you’re not worried about getting reported for hacking, this loadout may be the move. After equipping the underbarrel and perk attachments, players have three spots left over — so there’s ways to get even more creative with this class.