Crazy new Warzone Music Legend blueprint lets you play a piano on the FFAR

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Cosmetics have always been a massive component of any Call of Duty title, and now a new Warzone weapon skin allows players to flex their musical talents.

CoD Warzone is well into the new Season 3 update, and there is a lot for players to check out this season. While Verdansk has had some cosmetic changes and some new locations to explore, the game is relatively the same as previous seasons.

One aspect of Call of Duty that has taken new heights over the course of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War is the cosmetics. They have emerged as some of the best in the game’s long history, and a newly released bundle is among the best of the best.

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How have you been finding the new season of Warzone?

Warzone Music Legend Mastercraft Bundle

The now released bundle is a weapon skin for the FFAR-1, an assault rifle implemented during the release of Black Ops Cold War. What separates this weapon skin from others is the fact that players can play the piano along the side of the barrel.

This is not the first time we have seen an animated weapon skin in Call of Duty. As the NecroKing blueprint featured an animated dragon that would spread its wings from the sides. However, this weapon skin had an ample amount of issues and had to be removed due to some game-breaking bugs.

The bundle itself costs 2400 CoD Points, which equals out to around $20 USD, and it will include the following cosmetic items.

  • Shredder weapon
  • Amped Up weapon
  • Rockstar operator skin
  • Soul Search watch
  • Center Stage vehicle skin
  • Super Disco charm
  • Battle Shredder emblem
  • Cultural Export calling card
shredder bundleActivision-Blizzard
This is one of the best bundles they have ever added

Whether or not more animated skins are on the cards in the future is unknown as of now. But, with the community feedback into how amazing these skins are, we can only assume that more will be coming soon!