Call of Duty

Crazy Modern Warfare glitch is blinding players on Arklov Peak

by Brad Norton
Infinity Ward


A blinding visual glitch on Arklov Peak is making Modern Warfare completely unplayable and forcing gamers to back out of certain lobbies as a result.

From vibrant glitches that change the color scheme of maps, to frustrating texture issues that blind players using weapon camouflages, there’s seemingly never any shortage of bugs in Modern Warfare.

The latest inexplicable problem comes from Arklov Peak, where players are having a difficult time seeing anything other than a bright blinding light.

Modern Warfare character walking through fire
Infinity Ward
Explosion and fire effects in Modern Warfare are one thing, this visual glitch features the most extreme lighting possible however.


Playing through an ordinary match on the Modern Warfare map, Reddit user ‘SmartFrldge’ was caught off guard by an unbelievable visual glitch while playing through the night and into the early morning.

“It’s 5 am and now I'm not sleepy anymore,” they joked while sharing a genuinely blinding bug with the Call of Duty community.

Turning to the right, an absurd beacon of light started to take over their entire screen, obscuring all forms of visual intel on enemy positioning, nearby objectives, and even elements of their HUD like ammo and killstreaks.


Unable to see anything whatsoever outside of the all-encompassing light, the player eventually walked closer to a building. From here they could make out a few details as they turned away and left the glitch behind them momentarily.

Attempting to run through various sections of the map, the blinding brightness just wouldn’t leave them alone, constantly obscuring the screen until they were gunned down and taken out of action.

Playing on PC, there’s no way of telling how the glitch happened. Perhaps a Flash Grenade detonated nearby and the effect failed to disappear, or maybe the issue stems from a specific component inside the player’s own PC. Regardless, that was their last match for the night as they hit ‘Alt+F4’ and “got to bed.”


While Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the issue, there’s clearly no indicating whether a fix will be implemented anytime soon.

While this glitch might burn your corneas, another recent—and terrifying—Modern Warfare bug left a character model with nothing but their floating eyes.