Craziest listen-in moments in Call of Duty history

Craziest listen-in moments in Call of Duty history YT Vid ThumbnailDexerto

Call of Duty pros love to pop off over voice comms during heated matches, and there have been plenty of entertaining (and embarrassing) outbursts over the years. Here, we break down the ten craziest CoD listen-ins of all time.

When Call of Duty legends like Scump, Clayster, and KiLLa get hyped, you have to expect some verbal fireworks. It’s always hilarious when fans get to listen in on their comms, and teams like TCM, compLexity, and eUnited have spawned some absolutely unforgettable moments.

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From intense squad showdowns like Epsilon vs EnVyUs and OpTic vs Mindfreak, to trash-talking masters like Parasite, Crimsix, and JKap getting into their opponents’ heads, these are the ten greatest listen-in moments in pro Call of Duty history!

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