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CouRage pleads with Warzone devs to make major changes in Season 3

Published: 16/Apr/2021 11:07

by Jacob Hale


Popular YouTube streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has called for the Warzone devs to talk with him, providing a huge list of changes he wants to see ahead of the Season 3 launch and rumored new map.

CouRage was once one of the faces of Call of Duty esports, calling all the action from the commentary table, but in recent years he’s taken a step back from the franchise.

Now, after a year-long love/hate relationship with popular CoD battle royale Warzone, he seems back on the wheel.

On April 15, just days before the launch of the next season of Warzone, CouRage targeted developers Raven Software with a huge list of changes that need to be made.


Warzone clown face
Warzone is set to see some major changes in Season 3.

Saying that he is “more than happy to hop on a call with developers and provide clips to help improve the game,” Dunlop pinpointed several key issues, including things players have wanted changed for months.

These include the annoying Roze skin, addressing audio issues with footsteps, better weapon balancing, as well as a few quality of life of issues to make things run smoother.

Here is everything CouRage listed for the devs to address that he thinks would add “a better quality of life to the game”:

  • Functioning streamer mode
  • Removal/refund of the Roze skin
  • Less Dead Silence and Stopping Power
  • Make Bounties drop consolation loot when unavailable
  • Fix cash/armor plate bug when you can’t drop it from your inventory
  • Tune footstep audio to better match Call of Duty multiplayer (currently, not similar at all)
  • No more fists Gulag ever again (current Gulag is best)
  • Fix no sniper glint bug
  • Increase block list over 200 players (Currently, can’t block anymore cheaters)
  • Tweak FFAR to bring it in line with other weapons close range
  • Fix bug that makes you spawn at Plunder height on buy back in actual Warzone (started
    happening today)
  • Adjust rocks on the map to be more easy to traverse
  • Make it easier/auto pickup Armor Satchels in a stack of loot
  • If you direct impact stick someone with a grenade, then make them be downed with full plates
  • Add FOV slider for console players
  • Swap RC Car to the top of the buy menu so Loadout is at the bottom
  • Fix Loadout bug that stops you from hitting it multiple times if your teammate hasn’t grabbed it yet
  • Make it easier to distinguish if enemy footsteps are above or below you

These fixes range from small to very important, with things players have wanted for some time. FFAR nerfs, looting troubles and footstep audio have all been points of concern for a while, and it’ll be interesting to see if any of them actually happen.


With CouRage’s strong links to the Call of Duty community, it’s very possible we see them take notice and chat with him – but we’ll have to wait for official patch notes before getting excited.