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Call of Duty • Aug 12, 2018

CouRage Goes on a Tear with the Tempest in Black Ops 4

CouRage Goes on a Tear with the Tempest in Black Ops 4

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is proving to be a multi-esport star with his performances in Fortnite as well as the Black Ops 4 Beta.

He went on an impressive kill spree with the ‘Tempest’ Specialist Weapon in BO4.


CouRage taunted his Black Ops 4 opponents by yelling about how he is a Fortnite pro.

A total of eight players would be shocked by CouRage’s Tempest.

Since there are only five players per team in Black Ops 4, at least three of the Tempest victims will be cursing the spawn system of the beta.


CouRage made headlines in Fortnite after receiving a $70,000 donation from YouTubers Mr. Beast and Miniminter.

Mr. Beast and Miniminter messaged CouRage privately and offered him the money, provided he won his next solos match.


CouRage also participated in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish tournament and placed in fourth place, finishing ahead of FaZe pros Tfue and Cloak.

Although he did not win any money for his Tempest rampage, it was still an impressive display of skill from the former Call of Duty caster.


The Tempest was also in Black Ops 3 but functioned differently. Unlike BO4, it was a one hit kill and had to be charged to fire.

Fans of CouRage can find him playing Black Ops 4 again, this time with professional footballer Dele Alli.

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