Confusing Modern Warfare 2 bug makes semtex grenades “useless”

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A Modern Warfare 2 player posted video evidence of semtex grenades not working properly, even after sticking an enemy.

Grenades don’t often get the love they deserve. Players typically only think of weapons when building meta loadouts for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, but utilizing the correct tactical and lethal equipment items is a game changer.

Whether it be using a flash grenade to push around a corner in multiplayer or a smoke grenade to reposition during a battle royale match, grenades always come in handy. Another perfect example is the drill charge, which finally provides a counter to campers sitting in buildings.

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With players relying on grenades more than they may think, semtex grenades not properly working is a serious problem.

Modern Warfare 2 player discovers “dumb” semtex grenade bug

A Modern Warfare 2 player posted a montage on Reddit of a semtex grenade sticking an enemy on three separate occasions in hardcore matches but failing to kill them,

The puzzled player asked if this was a stealth nerf or a bug. Most players in the comment section came to the conclusion it is an unintended bug.

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One community member responded, “That’s gotta be a bug. I have recordings from the past 3 weeks or so of all my Semtex sticks, which all resulted in kills.”

Other players came to a similar conclusion and provided receipts. “This is probably a bug. I’ve been stuck 3-4 times in the last few days and have died every time.”

Warzone 2 players asked if semtex grenades kill enemies with a stick. In the Season 2 Reloaded update, Infinity Ward increased semtex damage against armor to break all three plates, but it doesn’t kill enemies instantly with a stick.

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As for multiplayer, semtex grenades should always kill an enemy if a player is able to stick it on them perfectly. We will provide an update if the developers address the bug.

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