CompLexity Players’ Hilarious ‘Esports Dictionary’ Video Explaining Competitive Call of Duty Language

The compLexity Gaming Call of Duty team have released a new video in which they explain the meaning behind certain words used in competitive CoD, with some hilarious explanations.

CoD esports, similarly to many other esports especially other FPS titles, has a unique set of terminology which to untrained ear might sound like complete gibberish.

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In an attempt to help those who may be unfamiliar, the compLexity squad of Doug “Censor” Martin, Ricky “Ricky” Stacy, Rasim “Blazt” Ogresevic and Brandon “Dashy” Otell are on hand to give you a run through of some of the more obscure terms.

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The classics and standard words are all there, such as ‘absolute’, ‘Gamebattles’ and ‘pro points’, as well as some of the more obscure ones like ‘turnt’ and ‘fried’.

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Perhaps the best explanation though, was Censor’s example of the term ‘burger’. Some have attributed the use of this word in CoD to 2013 World Champion Adam “Sloss” KiLLa, and it remains common to this day.

“Anyone can be a burger, it doesn’t have to be specific players. Like, FormaL is a burger right now, though FormaL is a champs MVP – he’s a burger right now.

A burger is someone who doesn’t want to put in the effort to play, doesn’t want to get better, doesn’t try to get better, isn’t winning their gunfights. It’s when you are doing everything wrong as a player. I think what defines a player as a burger is someone who believes they’re a burger.”

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They also broke down the classic term “lost full”, which has been popularized in Call of Duty over some years now – this time giving an example of his own teammate.

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“Lost full is when you just get really upset with your teammates or a situation in the game and you get enraged. So you lose ‘full composure’, meaning you don’t have your composure anymore and keeping your composure in Call of Duty is very important.”

Dashy gave the example of his teammate Ricky, showing even a veteran in the competitive scene will lose their composure occasionally.

“Against eUnited it was bad, he was screaming like ‘what are we doing?!’, ‘Brandon why are you challenging?! Just stay alive!’ – he’s going to see this and be so pissed.”

You can watch the full video from compLexity breaking down Call of Duty lingo below.