Call of Duty

Competitive Call of Duty community reacts to SupremeAgility skipping out on CWL Pro League Qualifiers

by Alan Bernal


Aspiring Call of Duty squads are ramping up for the CWL Pro League Qualifiers on January 16, but Mazer Gaming had a cumbersome setback as a player called in sick the day before the games, raising opinions from many in the scene.


Mazer Gaming were able to secure their spot in the Pro League Qualifiers with a 17-20th place finish at the CWL Las Vegas Open. Yet, the excitement turned to panic as Joey ‘SupremeAgility’ Torres called in sick at the last minute, leaving Mazer to scramble for a replacement.

The CWL were sympathetic to Mazer’s plight and allowed them to restock their roster, but the event left a sore spot for many in the CWL scene who lashed out at the missing player.


In the hours following the incident, CoD pros spoke out against this kind of behavior from any player for its lack of professionalism.

“Pathetic and honestly mind-blowing that SupremeAgility is doing this again to another team,” said G2’s Martin ‘Chino’ Chino. “... These are chances you can’t miss out on and he should be in trouble for this.”

Players empathized with the strife, pressure, and frustration the Mazer team must have gone through in the previous 24 hours. Many drew from their past experiences and reflected on how aggravated they would be if an opportunity to play in the PQL was suddenly jeopardized.


"I’m actually mindblown at what I’m hearing. No way someone is screwing my career over because they got 'sick' and can’t make the PLQ. Not only that.. they said they couldn’t make the first event because they were “sick”. I’m actually heated for my friend," eUnited's Tyler 'aBeZy' Pharris said.

More reactions flooded Twitter as many in the CoD scene were frustrated for Mazer while being surprised that a player would make the decision to leave at the last minute.