Combat Bow removed from Warzone after accidentally making players invincible

. 1 month ago

Raven Software announced on May 23 that the Combat Bow will be seeing a vacation from Warzone until they’re able to tackle the invincibility bug that has been ruining games this season. 

The Combat Bow killstreak is supposed to give players a high-powered method of dispatching enemies, but in an odd turn of events, it’s actually prolonging the lives of those who are supposed to feel its wrath.

That’s why the Warzone devs are putting it on ice until they can figure out exactly what’s causing the bow to turn unsuspecting opponents completely invincible.

Combat Bow being pulled from Warzone temporarily

The bug in question was nearly impossible to set up on purpose, as it only activated under extremely specific conditions.

The first of which was that a player would need to get knocked while carrying a Self-Revive. Then, in the middle of using the item, they would need to be hit by an enemy’s incoming Combat Bow while attempting to pick themselves up.

This would cause the rez meter to instantly reset and for the downed player’s health to completely freeze.


If all of that happened according to plan though, players were then granted invulnerability in their downed state, meaning there was nothing stopping them from crawling into the gas and collecting a free win for their accidental efforts.

There’s no timeline for a fix on this issue quite yet, but anyone who is interested should keep an eye on the developers’ Trello Board where they track known issues within Warzone.

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