College athletes share reactions after playing early build of Call of Duty 2019

Call of Duty / Infinity Ward

With the first details about the next Call of Duty title set to be revealed anytime now, several collegiate football players were invited to try out an early version of the game.

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In the world of Call of Duty, if springtime means one thing its that the next installment of the popular first-person-shooter series gets revealed for the first time.

Although Black Ops 4 is still halfway through its life cycle as the main CoD title, fans already have one eye on the Fall, which is when the next game is expected to be released. 

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College football players get invited to try CoD 2019

On April 23, several college football players were invited to try out the yet-unnamed 2019 Call of Duty game somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee.

Several players posted spoiler-free images of their experience on social media, and the Call of Duty sign could be seen hanging on the wall in the background. All of the posts each included the hashtag #CallofDutyPartner in the caption. 

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One of the posts was a video featuring Florida State running back Jacques Patrick and Georgia wide receiver Riley Ridley seemingly enjoying what they were experiencing with the new CoD game. 

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A more zoomed out picture reveals the area where the players were given the chance to try the new CoD game, and none of the signs contain the official title, as expected.

Call of DutyThe room where the invited football players got to try an early version of CoD 2019.

When will details about CoD 2019 be revealed?

Neither Activision nor Infinity Ward, the developer of CoD 2019, have given any sort of timetable for when fans can expect details about the game to be revealed.

However, considering that they’re already letting some people try an early version of it suggests that a reveal should be coming very soon.

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This year’s reveal is already a little behind the schedule that was used last year, which saw Black Ops 4 first be confirmed early March before a more full presentation of the game was hosted mid-May. 

charlieINTELThe reveal of this year’s CoD title is already behind the pace of last year, which saw Black Ops 4 first get announced early March.

What is the next CoD game going to be?

Obviously, there is no definite and conclusive answer to this question until Activision and Infinity Ward make the official announcement.

However, as a result of leaks, there is heavy speculation that it could be the fourth installment of the Modern Warfare series that many consider to be the best within CoD.

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With Infinity Ward’s last CoD title, Infinite Warfare, being one of the most disliked games in the series, the developers could look to bring back positive opinion for themselves by rekindling the Modern Warfare sub-franchise. 

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