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Cold War Zombies player passes round 675 as Zombies world record run continues

Published: 21/Jul/2021 17:24

by Alex Garton


A Black Ops Cold War player has passed round 675 on the Mauer Der Toten Zombies map and is looking to set a new world record.

The Season 4 Reloaded update has arrived in Cold War and players are loving all the new content Treyarch has added. With the new OTs 9 SMG, the arrival of the operator Weaver, and of course, the incredible Mauer Der Toten Zombies map, fans have been eager to sink their teeth into the ghoulist game mode.

While a lot of players enjoy tearing down their opponents in multiplayer, others prefer to slay undead enemies in the game’s addictive Zombies mode.


The majority of players can only survive for an hour or so before they make a mistake. However, there is a small section of the Zombies community that reaches rounds no one thought was possible.

Well, InsomniaVirus is one of them, and he’s currently on round 675 of his world record run on Mauer Der Toten.

Cold War Zombies new map
The previous record on Mauer Der Toten was round 474.

Cold War player’s world record Zombies run continues

According to Zombie World Records, the previous highest round on the Mauer Der Toten map was an unbelievable 474. However, InsomniaVirus has already smashed that number, reaching 675 on July 21.

Streaming for hours on end every day, the skilled player has been recording his entire world record run for his loyal fanbase.


Despite setting a goal of 700, it’s looking likely that this run could even further than that.

Its obvious Insomnia has got his strategy down perfectly, as he seems to know exactly which way to train the undead enemies and which weapons to use against them.

This world record run will be just another Zombies achievement to add to Insomnia’s list as he’s already reached round 1000 on the Outbreak map.

It’s hard to know when this run will end, but as he’s already had a close-call on round 473, it’s a reminder that all it takes is one mistake for the run to be over.


Either way, this is a massive achievement and if you want to see Insomnia take on the world record rounds live, make sure you tune into his YouTube channel.

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