Cold War Season 2 leak reveals new sniper and SMG incoming

black ops cold war season 2 leaked weaponsActivision

New Black Ops Cold War leaks suggest that two of the new weapons arriving with Season 2 could be a sniper and an SMG.

Season 1 brought in a number of new weapons, maps, and modes to Cold War, as well as full integration with Warzone to get all BOCW guns in Verdansk too.

Season 2 is hoping to have a similarly impressive impact, bringing fresh new content to the game on its expected drop date of February 24.

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While there have been rumors circulating about what could possibly come in Season 2, including a whole new Warzone map to give a more Black Ops feel, leaks have been few and far between — until now.

black ops cold war express map remakeActivision
Season 1 has seen an exciting number of new additions in Black Ops Cold War, but these S2 weapons look seriously impressive if real.

According to Call of Duty dataminer TailsDoll, there are a number of new weapons arriving in Season 2, including two main primary weapons that look like they could be seriously impressive.

These are the new weapons TailsDoll says will be arriving in the game.

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New BOCW Season 2 sniper (NTW-20)

In another tweet about this sniper, it sounds like it could pack a punch: “Bolt-action sniper rifle. High damage, 1-shot kill to the head, chest, and shoulders.”

New BOCW Season 2 SMG (AI-LC10)

While tweets about the AI-LC10 have been removed, the leaker does suggest it’s coming to the game, referencing it in a later tweet. It is described only as a “full-auto submachine gun.”

New melee weapons in BOCW S2

As well as the above primary weapons, TailsDoll also suggests there are new melee weapons on the way. The first is the Machete, which is pretty self-explanatory.

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The second is the E-Tool, which is essentially a shovel.

While these can’t be confirmed yet, they definitely make sense and could help shake up the BOCW meta.

The sniper, in particular, looks like it could be seriously impressive in Warzone, but we will have to wait and see how that pans out.

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