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Cold War players call for major sniper rework instead of nerfs

Published: 17/Aug/2021 12:58

by Jacob Hale


Sniper rifles have long been a huge source of contention for Black Ops Cold War fans. Though they were nerfed at the start of the year, many players didn’t think it was enough, but now they’re revisiting the topic.

Snipers have been a contentious issue throughout the entire Cold War season, so much so that pro players in the Call of Duty League even banned them entirely, simply stating that they’re too overpowered.

They have been incredibly frustrating to play against during the Cold War season, whether you’re a casual or competitive player alike.

Now, with the launch of the new Call of Duty title Vanguard due to be announced sooner rather than later, Cold War players are calling for change before it’s too late.


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The snipers in Cold War have definitely caused a lot of debate.

Posting to the Cold War subreddit, Draculagged addressed some of the issues with sniper rifles in the game, explaining why a nerf probably isn’t the best solution.

The post was titled “Snipers don’t need a nerf, they need a rework,” and Draculagged listed three key changes the devs should consider making.

With explanations for each, here’s what Draculagged said should be included in any potential sniper rework:

  • Drastically speed up ADS times.
  • Massively increase flinch.
  • Delete the precision/focusing aim assist settings out of the game.

While most are in agreement that something needs to be done about sniper rifles in BOCW, the top comment on the Reddit post says the issue is more to do with Cold War’s slowed-down gunplay than with just snipers.


IKEA-SalesRep concludes that “they should just increase handling on all guns,” in the game, and the snipers might go hand in hand with that.

Whether Treyarch decide to make changes to sniper rifles now remains to be seen, but if they plan on Cold War lasting longer than just its initial year, this might be something they want to consider.