Cold War devs promise fix after accidentally reverting weapon nerfs to EM2 & Tec 9

. 10 months ago
tec 9 in black ops cold war

Treyarch accidentally reverted nerfs made to the Cold War Season 5 weapons, with the EM2 assault rifle and Tec 9 SMG being widely considered as too powerful, sending players into a frenzy.

If you’ve played Cold War at all throughout Season 5, you’ll know how frustrating these guns can be, especially the Tec 9 which just about every player is running right now.

Treyarch were quick to nerf both guns slightly, attempting to bring them more level with the rest of the weapon pool. While they still remained powerful, they weren’t quite as frustrating to players as before.

With the latest update before Season 5 Reloaded, however, the changes were reverted and the EM2 and Tec 9 were back to their original state — and players aren’t happy.

The EM2 dropped with Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 5, alongside the Tec 9.

Treyarch accidentally revert EM2 & Tec 9 nerfs

The September 7 update, which players could download to prepare for Season 5 Reloaded, reverted the nerfs to both weapons, something which players quickly clocked onto.

In a Reddit post that appeared shortly after the update dropped, naz2348 posted about the change, saying that the guns were “even more overpowered” thanks to the update revert.

This was quickly picked up on by the Treyarch community manager, who responded saying that “the change was accidentally reverted and we’ll recommit to that.”

They added that the changes will be made when Season 5 Reloaded launches on Thursday, September 9, so players won’t have to suffer with the “overpowered” EM2 and Tec 9 too much longer.

Season 5 Reloaded is going to be bringing a lot of changes to both Cold War and Warzone. There will be new weapons and modes coming, a Zombies event and more. You can find out everything to expect in the Season 5 Reloaded patch notes.

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