CoDBurner reveals damning news about the future of Red Reserve

The infamous CoDBurner has dropped some new claims about prominent esports organization Red Reserve and the future of the professional Call of Duty team.

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On April 5, the mysterious Call of Duty insider known as the CoDBurner dropped a new bombshell on Reddit, detailing what exactly is going on behind the scenes at Red Reserve.

Below you can find a full breakdown of everything that was said in the post, as well as the full post itself in its entirety.

Red Reserve weren’t paying players their prize money

According to the CoDBurner, Red Reserve would take the prize money earned by their CoD team at events and then give each players a cut, a common practice in esports.

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However, Red Reserve had apparently not paid their players a share of the prize money the earned at last season’s CWL Championships, where the team won $35,000 for placing 7-8th.

The fact that RR had not been paying their players some of the prize money had been hinted at in the past by the players themselves, but news of it is started to surface a little more directly now that the org seems to be falling apart.

According to players, they still haven’t received their prize money from Red Reserve for placing 7-8th at the 2018 CWL Championship last August.[ad name=”article2″]

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Red Reserve players kicked out of their team house

Very early in the morning on April 5, the Red Reserve players reported that they had been forced to vacate the Red Reserve team house after CEO Patrik Andersson warned them that he was going to stop paying the rent, as the house had been in his name.

As a result, the players began tweeting out information about RR and what had been going on over the past few months, intel that they had kept to themselves with the hope that things would eventually get resolved.

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The future of Red Reserve’s pro Call of Duty roster

It’s no secret that Red Reserve’s pro CoD roster has been in an uncertain state of the past few weeks after they had been reportedly dropped by the org mid-season.

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The CoDBurner claims that Andersson was having issues with his wife and was thus not finding the time to send out paychecks to players, which prompted them to sign a new contract that would give them control over the CWL Pro League spot if they weren’t paid their salary by the end of the month.

Apparently that is exactly what’s taking place at the moment, as the CoDBurner claims that the org is very close to pulling out of the Pro League and selling their spot to FaZe Clan, something which has also been hinted at by Skrapz during a recent livestream.

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If that does turn out to be the case, and the players did indeed sign such a contract, then we could see some of them continue competing together but under the FaZe banner.

With Skrapz (middle right), Zer0 (far left), and Bance (middle left) having announced free agency, only Joee (middle) and Rated (far right) are candidates to join FaZe’s roster if the deal takes place.

However, we already do know that Zer0, Skrapz, and Bance all had already announced free agency, even before all of these issues came to light, which leaves only Rated and Joee that could stick together moving forward.

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Who is the CoDBurner?

The CoDBurner is a mysterious member of the competitive Call of Duty community who has posted a lot of insider information about potential roster moves and team changes over the past two years, some of which has turned out to be accurate.

No one has publicly admitted to knowing the identity of the CoDBurner, although the extent of his behind-the-scenes knowledge suggests that he could either be a pro player or a team executive.

You can read the CoDBurner’s full April 5 post down below, or by visiting his page on Reddit:

(4-5-19) red is dead

im sure u all heard the rumors of faze and thats what should happen…faze buying the spot for 20k…im not 100 % on what the roster will be for a few days but ill post when i know for sure.

this is what i know about red and what happened in the middle of the night…

red is one of the orgs that takes the prize money from events and pays the players that after getting their cut…the money rated and skrapz been tweeting about is the prize money from champs which is rightfully theirs. alot of orgs do this and most of them end up paying the players late…remember the other post where i said i know of lots of orgs being in money trouble and some of them not being in cod and its a big thing in esports???

The players asked the owner pat for the money over and over and he kept saying no and then missed a months paycheck this season and his reason was bc his wife was leaving him and he was too busy to send the check. The team wanted to stay together and then got him to sign a new contract saying if he didnt pay them back all the money he owed them by this month then their FA and control the league spot…thats the only good thing he ever did. Red then got new investors bc of their other non esports stuff and the new guys fired the ceo pat when they figured out what he did but they dont want to stay in esports so they decided to sell everything esports related. The team is close to apoc…the guy who worked for rich guy…so hes been helping them out the past few months and been trying to find them new homes.

Last night while their out at the bar at 3am the old ceo pat calls and says to gtfo the house bc its in his name and he wont pay the rent anymore for it and its why the players are tweeting now….its been going on for months and they didnt say anything publicly bc they really wanted to stay together and were hoping an org would want all 5 of them until recently when skrapz wanted to leave and the bance stuff.

Any of the players that dont get picked up by another team quickly need to leave the country…. Alot of orgs in cod and esports owe players money and lots of ppl start to forget about it bc it happens so much