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CoD Zombies voice actor Tom Kane retires over health concerns following stroke

Published: 11/Sep/2021 13:27

by Sam Comrie


Tom Kane has lent his vocal talents to many licensed properties, but his turn as Takeo Masaki in CoD Zombies is among his most recognized works. Kane’s family has confirmed the actor has officially retired from the industry, following a life-threatening stroke in December 2020. 

Kane’s daughter Sam relayed the confirmation of Kane’s retirement on the actor’s Facebook page. Last year, the actor has been notably absent from social media, which was later explained as a result of health concerns.

The stroke, described by Sam left the actor with “right-sided weakness and damage to the speech center of his brain”. Despite Kane being ” “competent and very much himself”, he is unable to communicate properly.


tom kane as takeo

While Kane has been undergoing physical therapy, the severity of the damage to his speech is “just too severe.”

Sam went into Kane’s condition further on Facebook, adding that the actor has been diagnosed with Apraxia.

This condition has affected Kane’s ability “moving smoothly from one sound, syllable or word”, making it difficult to pronounce words clearly. Kane now “relies on all forms of non-verbal communication”, but Sam noted light-heartedly “thank god he’s an actor and great at charades.”

Kane’s daughter has encouraged fans to send in their fan-mail, as Kane now has a dedicated PO box set up to receive messages from CoD Zombies players across the world: “He has also been practicing his signature and would love to start autographing from home.”


Tom Kane has voiced characters in multiple Star Wars animated features and shows but is best known for portraying Takeo Masaki in the CoD Zombies story. Kane first debuted in the role back in 2008 on the Shi No Numa map, with the release of Call of Duty: World At War.