CoD Zombies players perplexed after hidden change to health with no explanation

Andrew Highton
fiendish fortitude perk fountain in cod vanguard zombies

Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies players have been left bewildered by the devs failure to communicate a major change to the health system. There was no mention of it in any of the patch notes and players feel the devs are not being “transparent” with the players.

Vanguard Zombies has had a very rough time of things so far. Syndicate branded Zombies an “absolute L,” and players are still frustrated by the “trash ‘dumpster fire’ Season 1 update”. To make matters worse, players have already been feeling that Treyarch are “neglecting” them with the announcement of the Festive Fervor event and it excluding Zombies from the roadmap.

Now, a recent update to Vanguard’s Der Anfang Zombies mode has drastically changed the max health cap. Yet for some reason, this big change has been completely omitted from any of Vanguard’s patch notes.

elite enemies in cod vanguard zombies
Extra health will help you survive an onslaught of elite enemies longer.

Photographic evidence of the health change has been by provided by Reddit user TheShadowfest. In it, they showed their health bar reaching the new heights of ‘300’ as opposed to the previous cap of 200.

This can be achieved by acquiring the Fiendish Fortitude Perk, AKA Juggernog, and spending points to upgrade it. Each Tier now awards players with an extra 50 health, instead of 25, and maxing out the Perk will award the player with 300 health.

Whilst the change will be seen as a positive as it increases the likelihood of reaching later levels, the circumstances regarding the change have frustrated players. Another Reddit post on the subject matter featured an extended rant about the change and why fans are unhappy.

“If a huge change like this is being made without a single mention in the patch notes, what else is there that we aren’t being told? It’s okay for perks to be adjusted and some limits to be moved around, but why not let the player base know?”

There is a page dedicated to Vanguard Season One patch notes, and a quick inspection will reveal no mention of the health update.

The user also went on to say: “Developers, please be transparent with the player base. It’ll let us know what’s new with the game, and in turn, we can provide you accurate feedback on those changes. Everybody wins!”

Treyarch has said that round-based Zombies content is not being ignored, and it’s interesting to see how updates and patch notes are addressed going forward.